The Daily Word of Righteousness

I Never Knew You, continued

As one of them was cutting down a tree, the iron axhead fell into the water. "Oh, my lord," he cried out, "it was borrowed!" (II Kings 6:5—NIV)

The Bible has been replaced by the traditions of the believers, traditions that reflect the desire of Satan to influence God's judges to the point they no longer will be able to judge the angels or themselves. Why will they not be able to judge the angels? Because they themselves are committing the sins that began with the angels. They are powerless to judge because they themselves are guilty!

Satan has largely accomplished his goal in the Evangelical churches of our day. We do not know the Lord. We are preaching a man-made gospel with no Divine fire in it. We have lost the axe head, borrowed from the saints of the past, and are trying to chop trees with the helve. We are going forth without Christ to save the world, not because we fear God and desire to serve Him but because we want to shield people from Divine judgment.

We have turned the Great Commission into a message to sinners that if they will make the right profession they do not have to keep the commandments of Christ. Furthermore, God will never punish them no matter what they do, and certainly Hell and the Lake of Fire are out of the question. A loving God would never do this to them.

But the hard words that Jesus spoke concerning what He will do to people at His return were spoken, for the most part, to His servants.

We are in deception. Satan has done a masterful job of leading the believers astray.

Today the Spirit of God is looking for those who will turn away from the multitude of "exciting" projects to save the world, who will return to the worship of God through Jesus Christ, who will humbly wait for His Presence and guidance.

If you intend to seek Christ you better not expect other Christians to cheer you on. They well may tell you that you ought to get busy and go out and save souls from Hell. It doesn't matter whether or not the sinners serve God and live a righteous life just as long as they are not punished. This is pure humanism, placing the interests of people above the interests of God.

God has not called us to shield people from His wrath. God has called us to faithfully bear witness of His Person, will, way, and eternal purpose in Christ, so those who choose to do so may turn from their wicked ways and enter righteousness and eternal life.

Eternal life is not a gift that is given to those who profess faith in Christ but then do not turn away from sin. Eternal life always is the result of righteous, holy behavior. It is those who do the will of God who live forever.

It is the song of Moses and the song of the Lamb. God's goal for man never, never changes. The amount of grace available and the demands on us increase from covenant to covenant. But God's heroes of faith began with Abel, not with the Apostles of Christ.

Will we ever come out of the present mess? Perhaps a few of the Christians will hear the voice of the Lord and turn to Him. But any believer can choose to turn away from trying to do the work of Christ apart from Christ, can come quietly to the Lord and listen for His voice.

It is not important that we work miracles or prophesy. But it is extremely important that we do the will of God. It is extremely important also that we are not evildoers.

One thing is of supreme concern—that Jesus knows us.

If Jesus does not know us, then all is lost as far as we are concerned no matter what we may have seemed to accomplish in His Kingdom. (from I Never Knew You)