The Daily Word of Righteousness

Being With Christ Where He Is, continued

Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you."  (Hebrews 13:5—NIV)

During this stay at home (and at all other times) I can spend time speculating about what the future holds. Or I can keep looking to Jesus, making sure that at this very moment I am living in His Presence, expressing His will in the earth.

You know what? I am indestructible while I am remaining in Jesus. If I am doing exactly what He desires, if He is living in me and I in Him, then His health is my health; His energy is my energy; His wisdom is my wisdom.

It now is 4:17 P.M., Friday afternoon, September 4, 1998. Should I stop and rest? Feed the dog? Eat? Sleep? Worry concerning whether I am always going to be this tired?

I am looking to Jesus right now as I am writing. "Lord, I want to be part of the I AM. Right now I want to live by your life. I want you to be magnified in me. I want to have a deep trust that when more energy is needed more will be available."

At the present moment I have enough energy to do what I am doing. So what's the problem? All there is, is now, and now there is no problem.

But what about later? When later comes it will be now. The Lord will be present if I am willing to please Him and exercise the strength and wisdom available at that time.

I know it is time to feed the dog, and I have the strength to do that. Hallelujah! So Jesus Christ will be honored while I feed the dog. I desire to be totally with Him where He is as I feed the dog.

I'll be back in a minute or two.

The dog is happy now. She is a kelpie. I have warned her to always behave herself if she hopes to go to Heaven because the Bible has little good to say about dogs!

There are so many points along the way where we can look to Jesus, acting in a manner that reflects faith and confidence in Him. There are so many opportunities to become ever more firmly established in Him, living with Him where He always is—in the bosom of the Father.

To what level of union are we being brought? To the level at which it is everlastingly true that we are precisely what He is.

Can you imagine how our animal nature struggles against such union?—such relinquishment of its "rights" to follow its own appetites, ambitions, and fears?

When we are seeking to be filled with Christ, to dwell in Christ at every moment, it is not initially a case of man seeking to be part of God. Rather it is God seeking to be part of man. Every aspect of salvation originates in God. We cannot run after Him except as He draws us. No person comes to Jesus unless the Father draws Him. No individual takes this honor to himself except he who is called of God. This is the message of Aaron's rod that budded.

To be continued.