The Daily Word of Righteousness

Being With Christ Where He Is, continued

"Has not my hand made all these things, and so they came into being?" declares the LORD. "This is the one I esteem: he who is humble and contrite in spirit, and trembles at my word." (Isaiah 66:2—NIV)

God is seeking humble, meek souls who truly love God and are striving to find Him, always desiring to be what He wants them to be. These are the living stones of the Temple of God.

But we Christians are so easily occupied with externals, with our works, with our religion.

The history of the world really is the history of two worlds. One world is the world of the group. This is the outer scene—that which we refer to as "history."

The other world is the world of the individual. While mankind is occupied with the movements of groups, while those who endeavor to force their will on others employ terror, lies, and cunning, God and Christ work Their will with individuals.

God always addresses His victorious saints as individuals. It is "he who overcomes" not "they who overcome."

Even the Christian religious world occupies itself with the movements of groups, assuming that the more people who are involved in an activity the more significance is found therein.

The Lord Jesus lets this go on but is not at all impressed by it. The ferment of the secular-religious world provides an environment while the God of Heaven works with individuals.

While I am writing this there are great movements afoot. People are hoping for peace in Ireland. The Russian economy is becoming weak. America is wrestling with a scandal at the highest level of government. The Israelis and the Palestinians are playing chess. North Korea has been accused of launching a missile but claims it actually was a scientific satellite. It is reported that Iran is poised to invade Afghanistan. Politicians in Germany are attacking each other. There are problems in South America. War continues in Bosnia as the Serbians attack the Muslims. Africa continues to be a powder keg. There is tension between India and Pakistan.

Let us say that five years from now America, Russia, and China, the three great super-powers, work together and succeed in establishing a university on Mars: Tri-Nation University for the Study of Outer Space.

Can you imagine the jubilation that would sweep the world? There probably would be dancing in the streets in some places. But it would all mean nothing and less than nothing.

Why? Because God would be dealing with each person involved, just as though there had been no university established. As for those on Mars, their angels would follow them from Earth to Mars with the curricula needed for the working out of their destiny.

All of this activity in outer space would continue to work for good for those who love God and are called to be the brothers of Christ. There would be no true change whatever because of a university on Mars. The same would be true were someone to perfect a way of removing the force of gravity at will, or harnessing the power of light, or running a personal computer at an infinite speed. There still would be no significant change of what is taking place on the earth.

To be continued.