The Daily Word of Righteousness

Spiritual Survival in the Coming Days, #29

Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle. (Psalms 24:8—NIV)

We are not to be careless about confessing our sins. One reason Hitler was as successful as he proved to be in conducting war was his doctrine of "Lightning War." While other countries of Europe were thinking about what to do, Hitler moved with blinding speed.

This is the way we are to conduct spiritual warfare. The moment God shows us something is wrong in our life we are to go to the Lord immediately. We are to conduct lightning war against it. That little sin has the potential of removing our crown from us.

The Christian churches of today are dwelling in the Twenty-third Psalm. We need to move over to the Twenty-fourth Psalm and learn about the Lord, strong and mighty in battle. We must open the doors of our personality to Christ and learn spiritual warfare from Him.

Moses is dead, so to speak. Joshua is ready to lead us across Jordan and into our inheritance. This Christ will do in the darkest of the hours that lie ahead of us. But we must not be as indecisive generals but move swiftly, diligently as Christ leads us. The enemy is cunning but he is no match for Christ. However, the enemy laughs at the inept practices of many of the Christian churches. They are dwelling in silliness and foolishness, jumping up and down next to their pews in preparation for an unscriptural "rapture." The enemy has nothing to fear from them.

We must come to understand, we Christians, that the enemy does not fear us. The enemy fears only the Lord Jesus Christ. As long as Satan can keep us occupied with our church programs he is safe. He will keep us interested in these if he can.

But when a believer chooses to lay down his own life, to judge his behavior as evil when the Spirit so leads, to bear his cross after the Master, it is then that Hell is terrified. For when Jesus comes on the scene the demons scream in terror.

How different church history would have been had the believers spent time with the Lord, perfecting holiness in the fear of God, learning to live in and by the Lord Jesus. If this had been true I do not believe any cathedrals would have been constructed (except in the hearts of the saints). But I think the history of the world would have been changed for the better.

I believe the Lord Jesus is preparing the young people of today to be shining lights during the spiritual darkness that is approaching. We must teach them how to live righteously, how to be holy, how to obey God sternly. For without actual righteousness and holiness of behavior, and stern obedience to God, the Lord Jesus cannot work His wonderful works.

The revival "circuses" of the past have brought us this far. Now we need to concentrate on following Jesus into the battle of the ages. It is a new day. Saul's armor is useless. It is time to hear from the Spirit of God what we are to do.

To be continued.