The Daily Word of Righteousness

Horses From the Same Corral, continued

And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. (Revelation 13:11)

To say that anyone can come to Christ except the Father draw him is to deny the Scriptures.

To say we can bear the fruit of unrighteousness and remain in the Vine is to deny the Scriptures.

To say we can be saved without enduring to the end is to rebuke God!

I could get sick at my stomach thinking about the lying, deceiving blanket of spiritual darkness that is smothering Evangelicals. But then I look to Jesus Christ and am refreshed.

What about Calvinism? As it is taught today it does not represent the whole counsel of God.

What about Arminianism? As it is taught today it does not represent the whole counsel of God.

If you wish to be deceived, adopt one position or the other and forget the verses that do not agree with your position. As for me, I prefer to eat the whole loaf.

Brother Ellenwood used to say the remark about the Bride's teeth, in the Song of Solomon, meant she could eat the good corn of God's word without leaving part of the corn remaining on the cob. Perfect teeth—no corn left!

The faith-prosperity message will always undercut true discipleship because it leaves the impression that all we have to do is believe and it will happen. No prayer, suffering, patient obedience required.

This is a delusion. This is schizophrenia. This is an image built in the mind that ignores reality.

Maybe this is the image the false prophet builds—the image in the mind.

The Bible does not teach us to have faith in faith. It teaches us to have faith in Jesus. There is a world of difference between having faith in faith and having faith in Jesus. The one is of the occult. The other is of God.

I am sure there are many faith-prosperity disciples in Florida. Why don't they stop the hurricanes? Why don't the faith- prosperity adherents stop the floods and tornadoes? Simple! They can't. Why can't they? Because soulish faith doesn't work, doesn't have much power to it.

I believe the Lord told me one time, when I was praying in the woods of Arkansas, that the day is coming when soulish faith will be empowered and its adherents will be able to do great miracles. This is the coming of the False Prophet of which the Scripture speaks. The False Prophet is Christianity minus the personal cross of the believer. It has the two horns of the power of the Lamb but it speaks with the mouth of the dragon.

The False Prophet will come out of the earth, that is, out of the soul of man.

Maybe you believe in the faith- prosperity message. Wait until you are broke, sick, and so depressed you can't think. Try to "faith" your way out of it.

(After that time in the woods we wrote a small booklet called "Two Kinds of Faith" that has been a help to some.)

To be continued.