The Daily Word of Righteousness

Using Your Imagination the Right Way, continued

How long will this wicked community grumble against me? I have heard the complaints of these grumbling Israelites. (Numbers 14:27—NIV)

In spite of all the numerous deliverances and miracles that had accompanied them, the Israelites chose to disbelieve God. They murmured continually against Moses and God. They pictured themselves dying in the wilderness. They saw themselves being slaughtered by the giants in the land of Canaan.

They used their imagination in the wrong way.

This is why the Lord, after having brought them out of Egypt with a mighty hand, destroyed them in the wilderness. They insisted on picturing themselves as being in dreadful circumstances. They could have chosen to set the Lord always before them. They could have spent their time envisioning rivers flowing with milk and honey; iron being mined from the hills. But no, even after spectacular appearances of God, even one of which any of us would love to have experienced, they determined to murmur and complain in unbelief.

Under the same circumstances, had they chosen to believe, they could have entered Canaan victoriously as soon as they arrived and spared themselves thirty-eight additional years of wandering in the desert.

Under the same circumstances, the Apostle Paul could have become angry, bitter, and despairing.

Under the same circumstances, Daniel could have denied God.

Under the same circumstances, the Lord Jesus could have become furious because of the continued perverse provocations of the priests and elders.

But Paul "saw" the Glory of God and the reward that was to be his.

Daniel "saw" the faithfulness of the God of Israel and knew that joy would be his whether in life or in death.

The Lord Jesus "saw" the glorious Church that would be formed during the coming centuries.

The same is true of you and me. We have come through many dangers, toils, and snares. God has delivered us every time we have called on Him and obeyed Him.

Now we may be frightened by a new problem. We have a choice. Will we bring to mind the times the Lord has delivered us or will we wring our hands in despair because we just know this time the Lord is going to let us down? God has been faithful to all the saints of history but He is going to make an exception with us.

If you are a grumbler, a complainer, crying out bitterly over every new trial, why don't you try giving God the glory? Even though you are unable to see any possible way in which you can be delivered, how about looking up to the Creator of the galaxies and acknowledge His infinite power and faithfulness?

Why don't you ask Him to help you and then praise Him for the answer?

Look past the giants, look past the storm and the mounting waves, look past the furnace heated seven times, look past the lions and see Jesus sitting at the right hand of almighty God. Jesus Christ, the Lord of all, sits as King of the flood. Nothing can by any means harm you if you are a follower of that which is good.

Your responsibility is to abide in Christ with all the diligence you can manage. Christ's responsibility is to take care of you and your loved ones no matter what the problem may be.

Trust God! Use your imagination continually and hope for that which you desire. Never give up. Don't let life beat the hope, joy, and idealism out of you.

Some people get right to the door and then quit. How sad!

Don't be like that. Set the Lord before you. Our God has never yet failed anyone who trusted in Him, and He will not begin with you. (from Using Your Imagination the Right Way)