The Daily Word of Righteousness

The Administration of the Kingdom of God, continued

For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them. (Matthew 18:20—NIV)

One can see the pathway of complete delusion being prepared for the people of the United States and other parts of the world. The believers have been led away from the Lord by the teaching of unconditional grace, the pre-tribulation catching up of the believers, the prosperity and faith messages, reconstructionism, togetherness, and now the receiving of a spirit whom they do not question. "The spirit makes me feel good and so it must be the Lord."

Why don't you, as I have done, ask the spirit for its name? I do not receive any spirit into my personality until I am absolutely positive the spirit is from the Lord Jesus. Do you test the spirits or are you going with the crowd?

As I said, the pathway of complete delusion is being prepared. Soon there will be tremendous supernatural signs, perhaps some of them taking place in a Catholic environment. Will you receive these because they present Jesus?

The dear Catholic people have elevated the physical mother of Jesus to a position not found in the Scriptures. Such elevation is not acceptable to a true disciple of the Lord. But what if powerful signs seem to verify that Mary indeed is co-redemptrix with the Lord Jesus?

Are you oriented toward the Word of God or toward experiences and phenomena?

One doorway that Satan may be using to bring in his counterfeits is the cult of bigness. The Christian thinking of today equates large numbers of people with success in the ministry. A church of twenty-five people is nothing and less than nothing. A church of ten thousand people is really moving for God.

Yet it may be a fact—and all reasonable believers would surely agree—that there is a possibility more eternal Kingdom good is occurring in the church of twenty-five people than in the megachurch.

We know this is true. No one would disagree. We understand in our heart that a large number of people may indicate that God is moving or it may indicate that a people-pleasing, ear-tickling message is attracting believers who do not wish to become disciples.

We know all this, but the cult of bigness has prevailed until the only measure of a church's worth is the number of people who attend.

Do you think the Lord Jesus is pleased with this attitude? I know He is not. He is more liable to be interested and available when someone is helping a small child than He is when a highly magnified minister is leading a pastors' conference of thousands.

The cult of bigness is familiar to us and we may regard it benignly as being the "way it is." But it may be this very cult that has opened the door for the mass meetings where the believers, looking for a thrill, a supernatural experience, are letting down their guard and accepting whatever comes down the road.

The seven feasts of the Lord are one of the symbols the Lord has put in His Word to show us the way He is traveling. The seven feasts are found in the twenty-third chapter of the Book of Leviticus as well as other places in the Scriptures.

To be continued.