The Daily Word of Righteousness

The Administration of the Kingdom of God, continued

And teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. (Matthew 28:20)

There always is a need for evangelism. But it appears the greatest need today is for discipling, for fulfilling the Great Commission. We have multitudes of spiritual babies, but it seems there are only a few ministers who are teaching the babies so they grow up to be mature sons and daughters of God.

Into this huge crowd of babies are stepping ministers who are telling them to look for thrills and spiritual experiences. Such spiritual-emotional occurrences may inspire the self-centered babies for a brief while. But eventually these experiences will wear off and then the ministers will have to come up with some new idea to hold the interest of the baby Christians and keep them coming to the assembly.

This is not how discipleship works. Discipleship is accomplished by the Word of God. It is as the Word comes to us line upon line, command upon command, that we begin to grow in the Lord.

But discipleship does not draw crowds ordinarily. It is practiced with a few people at a time who place themselves under an experienced, godly elder who faithfully listens to the Lord and feeds His sheep.

The Lord Jesus always drew the multitudes. But it was eleven disciples who, after having been taught by the Lord, went forth and changed the course of history.

Jesus loves the multitudes. But when He begins to talk to them about living by His body and blood they will leave for more interesting events. It is those who turn away from everything and are taught by Him who finally can bring about eternal growth in the Kingdom of God.

So it is today. The Lord has ministers who have a true call to worldwide evangelism. They are to follow His Spirit as He brings them to great arenas of people where thousands and hundreds of thousands believe and are baptized.

But there is an equally great (if not greater) need for faithful pastors and teachers who will be content with a handful of people and patiently bring them up as their own family in the Lord, loving them, bearing with them as the Lord brings them through the day of reconciliation.

There are true evangelists and there are true pastors and teachers. Each has a significant role to play in the building of the Kingdom of God.

But being an evangelist is nothing and being a pastor or teacher is nothing. It is consistent, rugged, diligent obedience that pleases the Lord, that counts in the Kingdom.

There is no place for the evangelist, the pastor, the teacher who is seeking his or her own glory, who is not hearing from the Lord, who is driven by personal ambition and the lust for glamor and "bigness" in the ministry. These will turn into the False Prophet in the days to come.

To be continued.