The Daily Word of Righteousness

The Kingdom From Heaven, #5

But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord. (II Corinthians 3:18)

What does this mean? It means God is interested in our total transformation. At any time of His choosing God can surround us with such love, peace, joy, and beauty of environment that we would be speechless with delight.

But something more immediately important is taking place in us. We are being redeemed. We are being transformed into the image of Christ. The love of the world, of Satan, of sin, of self, is being purged from us. The ways of Heaven are being created in us. When we have been thus transformed we will be able to bring our environment into the likeness of the will of God.

As soon as the Lord Jesus has an army of such re-created saints He will descend from Heaven. This is the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven to the earth. Jesus is not coming to hurry us off to the spirit realm. He is coming to rule the nations of the earth. The Day of the Lord is the triumph of the army of Heaven, not the evacuation of a weak, defeated bride.

Isn't the place called Heaven our eternal home? Isn't that why we are saved, so we can go to Heaven? Aren't we laying up treasures in Heaven so when we go there we can enjoy pearls, and rubies, and diamonds?

If we stop to think about it, the desire of our heart is not pearls, or rubies, or diamonds. The people who possess these on the earth are not always happy; they often are bitter and mean. The same holds true for those who dwell in mansions.

What we are longing for is loving, joyous, peaceful relationships with God, the Lord Jesus, and people. Also, we yearn to be released from our fleshly body so we never again will experience pain, weariness, dread, insecurity. We hope to see beauty, and places and things of never-ending wonder and interest. And we shall!

What sort of treasures are we laying up? Joyous relationships with God and people, eternal life, freedom from sin, authority in the Kingdom, power, abilities that we do not have now, opportunities for service, and rest in Christ in God. These are our eternal treasures.

But does not the Bible speak of a street of gold, and of a wall whose foundations are ornamented with precious stones? Yes, it does. There well may be such minerals in the spirit realm. But human happiness never abides in mineral wealth. Human happiness is found first in relationships, and after that in peaceful, joyous surroundings.

There is a land that is fairer than the tongue of man can tell or the mind of man can imagine. There is a city being constructed in the present hour. It is the city that has foundations that the patriarchs sought.

To be continued.