The Daily Word of Righteousness

You Shall Not Surely Die!, continued

And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved. (Matthew 10:22)

God said, "He who endures to the end shall be saved." The modern response is, "God must have been speaking to the Jews because we are saved by grace."

Maybe God never heard of the grace we preach and so He was confused at this point, thinking we have to endure to the end to be saved. In fact if it is he who endures to the end who shall be saved, our modern teaching is in need of modification. We always point back to some time in the past when we were "saved." Something to think about!

Revelation tells us no sinful person will enter through the gates into the new Jerusalem. Again, the modern response is, "But this does not apply to us because we are saved by grace."

The reader who knows the New Testament will recognize we have been quoting from the Word.

Why don't we just throw out the Bible and be done with it? By our traditions we have made numerous passages irrelevant. We have constructed a promise-box theology. We keep our "precious promises," ignore the context, and forget about the rest of the Bible.

When there is a paradox (and there are many paradoxes in the New Testament writings) we saw off the leg that doesn't fit our concept of grace and stump about on the other leg.

To the young people again: we have little hope that our words and reasoning will interest most Christians the age of the writer except they may want to argue about who the two witnesses are.

Who the two witnesses are will be revealed in its time. Whether we are caught up before or after the great tribulation will be revealed in its time. (Best to be prepared—right?)

Many are cold but few are frozen. If you are not among the frozen few, ask God about it. See what He has for you. If you are under thirty, or especially under fifteen, you will find there is a special anointing for you. God wants you to live and minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. The older Christians, even though they themselves are still in a psychologic morass, will cheer you on. A cry of praise will go up from the vacation trailers as they remember the old sound, the joyful sound.

Well I got this part off my chest. What about it? Will you help pray that God will remove this monumental error from evangelical thinking?

The call for repentance is in the land. How much more of an impact will this call have when we realize that Divine grace is God in Jesus Christ changing people so they can have eternal fellowship with God?—strengthening those who are tempted to sin so they can overcome?—enabling those who have been severely wounded to forgive those who hurt them?

Divine grace is not a ticket to Paradise that unchanged people can present at the gates of the new Jerusalem.

The lazy servant will face an angry Christ and then outer darkness whether or not he or she claims to be saved by grace.

The foolish "virgin" will scream in agony outside the closed door whether or not he or she claims to be saved by grace.

We are blowing the trumpet in Zion, among the Lord's people. The way of the Lord must be made straight. It is time for a reformation of evangelical Christian thinking. (from You Shall Not Surely Die!)